The Fine Art Detour Club




The Fine Art Detour Club is a group of Oklahoma artists who live and work on or near Route 66 along "The Corridor" between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The group offers two open studio tours a year. Individuals may visit any of the artists studios throughout the year by appointment. Studio tours allow patrons to see and experience the work of artists in a unique way. The relaxed atmosphere allows anyone the opportunity to get to know the artist and the ideas behind the work.

Wes Loper Judy Loper Roberta Martin Bill McVay Jerry McClanahan Shellee Graham J Sue Turner Jana Sol


by Wes Loper, Chandler, OK.

Acrylic painting on canvas

"Kissing Roses"

by Judy Loper, Chandler, Ok.

Acrylic painting on panel


by Roberta Martin, Sapulpa, Ok.


by Bill McVay, Luther, Ok.


"1926 Phillips 66 Station"

by Jerry McClananhan, Chandler, Ok.

"Big Money Series"

by Shellee Graham, Arcadia, Ok.

Graphic Design


by Sue Turner, Carney, Ok.

Acrylic Painting


by Jana Sol, Chandler, Ok

Acrylic painting

For more information about member artists follow links below or call for appointment.

Wes and Judy Loper ________405-258-2344    cell 405-240-6183  STUDIO  #6, CHANDLER
Sue Turner________________cell 405-328-0259    405-865-2357 STUDIO  #3, CARNEY

Bill McVay________________405-277-3597    cell 405-200-9690 STUDIO  #4, LUTHER

Shellee Graham____________405-650-3309 STUDIO  #7, ARCADIA

Jerry McClanahan___________405-238-0130    cell 903-467-6384 STUDIO  #5, CHANDLER

Roberta Martin_____________918-224-7490    cell 918-232-2165 STUDIO  #1, SAPULPA

Jana Sol _________________ 405-258-2437  CHANDLER, Call for appointment