Care of Magnetics
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Care and Maintenance for Magnetics


1. Make sure magnetics are flat. Always store flat when not in use. A good way to store them is on the side of a refrigerator door or metal cabinet.

2. Make sure that surfaces that magnetic is applied to do not have any body filler (Bondo) under the paint. Magnetics will not stick on surfaces which have had body work done. Also, don't go over creases or rivets in the body panel since this can allow air to get under magnetic at high speeds. If necessary cut magnetics into two pieces to avoid this problem.

3. Make sure that the surface of the vehicle is clean and dry before applying magnetic signs.

4. Make sure the magnetics are free of dirt and grit on the back surface.

5. Check for condensed moisture under the magnetics.

6. If magnetics become dog eared on corners air can get under them at high speeds. Always be sure that corners are making firm contact.

If you follow these simple guidelines you should have years of trouble free service from your magnetics.


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